Image of the Hornsea backstamp mark 'H2' as listed on this site and in the Hornsea books. Also any special backstamps not yet listed on the backstamps page.


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Homepage of Eastgate n Hornsea Pottery


Welcome to Eastgate n Hornsea, a website full of information for collectors and dealers of Eastgate and Hornsea pottery. There were an unbelievable number of articles produced by Eastgate and Hornsea potteries ranging from ornaments, commemoratives and collectables to household items such as tableware and kitchen utensils. Many items are not immediately recognised as being produced by these two companies, and a great deal of confusion still exists with some pieces as to exactly who made it.

With many hundreds of ranges, pattern variations and colourways compounded by factories selling their moulds to each other, it can be difficult to identify pieces and separate them from the myriad of copycat items. My plan is to bring some order to this array of ambiguity.

Purpose of this Site.

It has long been my ambition to put all these products into one searchable database to enable viewing of similar pieces rather than wading through the books. This should soon be a reality after spending many long nights planning and coding the system that runs behind the scenes.

There are now 553 items loaded on this site and while that may seem a lot it is still probably less than 5% of the total.

This is one of those projects that can never be finished but I do hope you find it of some use.

Price and rarity ranges.

Putting a value on each piece of Hornsea or Eastgate pottery is well nigh impossible, largely due to the sheer scale of the lists. Both makers produced a huge range of products, and keeping track of them all is impossible. Production of some ranges were limited to very small numbers while others were churned out in millions. Again, some items were only produced in one year, while other popular lines continued in production for decades.

To bring some order to the pricing and rarity of pieces, I have devised the following lists:

Rarity guide

How can we assess the rarity of a piece? I have used the expected frequency of an items appearance on the Ebay auction site as the basis for assigning a rarity number. In other words, a representation of the expected time you might have to wait before a piece turned up for sale.

  1. Less than one week.
  2. One to two weeks.
  3. Two to Four weeks.
  4. More than a month.
  5. Up to three months.
  6. Three to six months
  7. Less than a year.
  8. More than a year.
  9. You may be lucky.
  10. You are unlikely to get it.

Price guide

Prices can fluctuate considerably over time and any advice given regarding the value of a piece may be well off the mark. The price bands listed here are for guidance only, and are based on monitoring the results of on-line auctions.

  1. Usually less than £5.00
  2. £5.00 - £10.00
  3. £11.00 - £20.00
  4. £21.00 - £30.00
  5. £31.00 - £50.00
  6. £51.00 - £100.00
  7. £101.00 - £200.00
  8. £200.00 - £500.00
  9. Less than £1,000.00
  10. More than £1,000.00