Image of the Hornsea backstamp mark 'H2' as listed on this site and in the Hornsea books. Also any special backstamps not yet listed on the backstamps page.


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Identifying the backstamps.

The numerous different backstamps used provide lots of useful information about the age of the piece, and sometimes the name of the range, the designer or the factory of manufacture. This information can greatly assist in the identification of the item and provide some history.

Displayed below are the majority of the standard marks found on both Hornsea and Eastgate pieces, but this list is still incomplete. Many of the marks are lacking photos at the moment and I would be gratefull if anybody with the relevant pieces could send me a snapshot. Please e-mail before sending to discuss size and format otherwise it may get auto-deleted at the server.

The backstamps have been given a Mark ref consisting of one or more letters followed by a number. The letter represents the manufacturer eg. 'H' for Hornsea and 'E' for Eastgate. 'SP' stands for special mark. The Hornsea mark numbers follow the convention used throughout the Hornsea Collectors Society to reduce any confusion.

Mark ref: E0

Maker: Eastgate.   Period: Unknown

Some pieces were unmarked, usually because of lack of space.

Mark ref: H0

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: Unknown

Some pieces were unmarked, usually because of lack of space.

Mark ref: E1

Maker: Eastgate.   Period: Early

Printed. Appears on most early pieces pre 1967. Can also be found on some later items.

Mark ref: E2

Maker: Eastgate.   Period: 1967-

Printed. The Withernsea lighthouse mark superseded the Gate from this time on items large enough to accept the stamp.

Mark ref: E3

Maker: Eastgate.   Period: c 1960s

Printed. As yet undocumented.

Mark ref: E4

Maker: Eastgate.   Period: Unknown

Moulded or impressed. As yet undocumented.

Mark ref: E5

Maker: Eastgate.   Period: Unknown

The words 'Eastgate England' are printed, usually in red with the telephone number.

Mark ref: H1

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1949-52

The word 'HORNSEA' is moulded or impressed into the base of the item. The word may be straight or follow the shape of the mould and size is variable. This mark sometimes appears in conjunction with others.

Mark ref: H2

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1949-51

A capital 'H' is marked on the base as part of the mould.

Mark ref: H3

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1949-52

Impressed or moulded. When printed, usually in green but has been seen in dark-brown.

Mark ref: H4

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1949-52

This mark is inscribed on the base of the item and dipicts the word 'Hornsea' in italics. There are several minor variations.

Mark ref: H5

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1952-53

The straight sided 'H' mark, impressed, usually twice. C. 1952

Mark ref: H6

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1953-54

Curved sides to 'H'. Varies in size from 7 to 13 mmdiameter. C. 1953 1954

Mark ref: H7

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1955

Printed, usually in green. C. 1955

Mark ref: H8

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1955-56

Printed. C. 1955 - 1956

Mark ref: H9

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1956-62

Printed. With or without 'Made in' C. 1956 - 1962

Mark ref: H10

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1960-67

Printed in black. Fauna Royal range. 1960 - 1967

Mark ref: H11

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1960-62

Printed. Various ranges of Studio Craft. C. 1960 - 1962

Mark ref: H12

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1960-61

Printed on the Coronet range only. 1960

Mark ref: H13

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1962-64

Printed on the Leaf range. 1962 - 1964

Mark ref: H14

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1962-73

Printed, often with the name of the range.

Mark ref: H15

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1962-64

Printed. various ranges

Mark ref: H16

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1965-67

Moulded on the base of the item. Size is variable.

Mark ref: H17

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1963

Impressed. Stoneware slip range. 1963

Mark ref: H18

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1965

Printed, with or without 'Made in'. C. 1965

Mark ref: H19

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1972-76

This mark is printed, usually in black, sometimes including the range name

Mark ref: H20

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1974-77

This mark is printed, usually in black or white, and is seen on many of the ranges from the lancaster factory.

Mark ref: H21

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1978-80

Twin doves replace the 'snail mark' in the centre, with an added date code (In dots)

Mark ref: H22

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1977-80

This printed mark of the twin doves often has the range name added.

Mark ref: H23

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1980-87

This mark includes 2 rows of dots dignifying the year and month of manufacture.

Mark ref: H24

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1980-

This mark is printed on various ranges produced in the 1980's

Mark ref: SP6

Maker: Hornsea.   Period: 1977

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