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Eastgate Sealion

This fine model of a sea lion is one of a series of wildlife creatures. The seal is positioned in a lifelike pose supported on its flippers and tail.

The yellowish-brown colouration of this sea lion has been sprayed and brushed to give a complex dappled effect.


It has come to my notice that this piece bears an uncanny resemblance to the Hornsea Large Sea lion mould no. 5614 designed by Marion Campbell. This Eastgate piece is much larger than the Hornsea piece but looks to have shared an original mould. Tell me if you know.

Main attributes.

Maker:Eastgate Height:19.50 cm
Category:Animal figures Width:15.00 cm
Range: Depth:18.00 cm
Backstamp mark:E3
Mould no:F3
Rarity band:8 (Wait more than a year to show on Ebay.)
Price band:4 (£21 - £30)