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Eastgate Squirrel tree-house vase

The vase is in the form of a tapering tree-trunk and is fashioned to represent a mythical tree-house for the added squirrel. The bottom of the trunk has a blue door and above it is a circular window with open shutter. The shutter is also coloured blue the window is pale yellow.

The chubby squirrel sits to the left of the door and is holding a yellow acorn. Body colour is white with grey and black colouration. Eyes nose and ears are black.

Main attributes.

Maker:Eastgate Height:13.00 cm
Category:Fauna Width:8.00 cm
Range: Depth:9.50 cm
Backstamp mark:E1
Mould no: 
Rarity band:5 (Wait up to three months to show on Ebay.)
Price band:4 (£21 - £30)