Image of the Hornsea backstamp mark 'H2' as listed on this site and in the Hornsea books. Also any special backstamps not yet listed on the backstamps page.


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Hornsea Butterfly-on-shell jug

Hornsea Butterfly-on-shell Jug, red clay body in cream with butterfly top of wings half blue and half yellow and with four brown spots on the yellow part of each wing.

During 1955 the jug was re-issued as Fauna Novelty A6.

Main attributes.

Maker:Hornsea Height:7.00 cm
Category:Fauna. Width:10.00 cm
Range: Depth:5.00 cm
Backstamp mark:H1
Mould no:134
Rarity band:7 (Wait less than a year to show on Ebay.)
Price band:6 (£51 - £100)