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Hornsea Mugs, beakers and tankards.

If you want to be certified insane, start collecting Hornsea mugs with some vague notion of getting them all. For a start, your house is not big enough to house them, and second, the prices they are beginning to fetch is also insane.

A range of mugs will usually consist of a themed set in a selection of different colour ways. If the range was successful, it would be re-modelled and revived later. Its not just about volume though, as every possible situation had a mug made for the event. Some were commissioned for fund-raising or for celebrating the passing of time. The prices can be amazing for some of these mugs and it is a field that I know little about. Mugs are for tea, with the exception that the world's best gardener keeps his Worlds Best Gardener mug in a cabinet with other treasures.

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