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Hornsea Early products.

The pieces listed in this category faithfully follow the grouping used in all published Hornsea books and covers most of the products made during the first years of production. These pieces are extremely varied but tend to be small in size due to the limitations of the kiln in use at that time.

The earliest pieces made were also normally of a single sombre base colour, this being a direct result of zealous taxation on coloured wares. the story goes that once a month at the end of the accounting period, any tax-free amounts of colour were used up by painting just a few pieces in extremely gaudy colours and sold at a premium. This practice was carried out mainly on the Toby and Character jugs and these items are rarely offered, and now sell for mega-leuca.

This period was one of experimentation and change, with many pieces specifically designed to flout arcane taxation classes. Ashtrays carried purchase tax at a higher level than a trinket dish so numerous trinket dishes were produced with careful proportions to hold a lighted cigarette without the obvious rounded notch. A later government got a bit wiser and taxed the cigarettes instead.

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