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Hornsea Fauna.

Included here are the Fauna, Fauna Royal and Fauna Novelties ranges. These are synonymous with Hornsea, and many people think that the firm made nothing else. Although these items are a small part of the companies production, they were the backbone that ensured its success.

Some of the pieces must have been made in millions as they still turn up almost every day in every shop and stall across the country. Others though, are highly sought after and quite hard to find with the inevitable effect on prices. Expect to pay between £1 and £150 for a piece of fauna. Most of the Fauna pieces are characterised by the addition of one or more small animals such as fawns, rabbits, Squirrels and woodland themes of tree-trunks and acorns and are referred to by moronic dealers as the Woodland series.

There are a large number of items in this category and an equally large number of variants. I expect it to take some time to get the majority of these items listed.

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