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Eastgate Vases, bowls and plant-holders.

Whilst not as prolific with their designs as Hornsea, Eastgate still managed to turn out numerous vases, trinket dishes, plates, pots and other decorative items. A few were recycled Hornsea moulds, but Eastgate still produced many fine originals amid their mainstream transfer decorated plates and dishes.

Several basic mould shapes were frequently re-worked with either new transfers or added moulded designs. Utilizing stock moulds has become the principle of the companies operation and sometimes it is hard to realize that the same basic mould block has been used, particularly with the embellished pieces with raised relief.

Plates and trinket dishes frequently use the same decoration as the tableware pieces thereby creating a larger themed set. Pieces made from re-used Hornsea designs were usually finished in a different body glaze to avoid any confusion.

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