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Eastgate Animal figures

At first glance, none of these fine models are recognized as Eastgate unless you are familiar with them already. The range of Wildlife creatures is particularly intriguing in the variety of textures and styles, and were probably made at different periods as single items, not a set. Creatures like the Large Dolphin and Seal rely on the perfect proportions and pose for their appeal, the Sea-horse its complexity of the moulding, and the Eastgate Leopard has its unique lustre glazing.

The series of Animal pets lack some of the refinements of the other models and all possess the same honey glaze with darker highlights but they do capture the characters of the pets accurately.

The Eastgate Stylised Cats depict a somewhat romantic Siamese type of cat in anything but its true scratchy spittly character. I will stick my neck out here and propose that these cats probably inspired Hornsea to make their well known Stylised cats. The Eastgate cats are detailed works of art and ought to fetch at least as much as the Hornsea cousins.

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