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Hornsea Tableware,kitchenware and oven ware 1967-87

During the two decades between 1967 - 87, Hornsea produced a vast number of ranges of Kitchenware and Tableware, most of these ranges being extensive in their content. Subsequently, this section will eventually accommodate many thousands of pieces and cannot remain in this entire state. For now though, once I have listed a reasonable spread to show some of the variation, this category will not be developed further until the other areas are better covered. As these pieces are still relatively recent, and produced in large quantities, they are likely to be commonplace for many years, and I feel that it is better to focus on the rarer pieces before they drop out of general circulation.

Even though there are thousands of each item produced, it can still be frustratingly difficult to assemble one complete range as the piece you want always turns up in a different colour way. Some ranges have become fashionable as people realise that as tableware, they are durable yet smart. They were made for daily use and I maintain that all Hornsea collectors should eat their dinner from a Hornsea plate.

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