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Eastgate Limited editions.

One of Eastgate's better kept secrets is their limited editions. These were produced for a captive audience rather than for general sale and there are probably many hidden treasures waiting for the keen collector to discover.

My favourite is the series of Fairground pieces which were probably made for the showmen themselves. These are well documented as being made in limited editions of 200 per piece and so far, I have managed to pick up 8 of them. I have seen quite a few more but do not have the photos, sad to say. Each piece is usually a model of a working show ground ride or stall, often with moulded caricatures of people, presumed to be fairground staff.

Eastgate must have produced many small-runs of commissioned works, often for fund-raising purposes, and these need to be hunted out with diligence. If anyone has further information about any of these pieces, particularly the Fairground items, I would be grateful if you passed it on to me for the record. Good images in .jpg format always welcome but please e-mail me first.

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