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Eastgate Fauna

The Fauna items are well known to most collectors nowadays, typified by a log or tree-trunk with a fawn or rabbit added. The Fauna ranges of both Hornsea and Eastgate are much more than that of course, and both companies produced some fine collectable pieces. Eastgate Fauna has also been ridiculed in the past because of seemingly poor quality from second-hand moulds.

Quality does vary, especially on the ex-Hornsea moulds but without documentation, it is not for me to say whether this was due to poor quality control or simply market forces. They certainly made up for it with their own designs, particularly on the larger jugs and vases.

One problem I seem to have at the moment is Eastgate's habit of adding many different animals to the same mould so that one basic piece is repeated 3 or 4 times, the only difference being the added animal. All part of the fun though.

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