Image of the Hornsea backstamp mark 'H2' as listed on this site and in the Hornsea books. Also any special backstamps not yet listed on the backstamps page.


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Hornsea Tableware.

Tableware in the Hornsea circles is divided into 1955-67, 1967-87 and recent. Who am I to argue" My database will follow the same conventions to avoid any confusion even though it is my belief that the whole cataloguing could do with revision.

This category is for the early pieces, some of which are quality items much sought after, others more utilitarian. There are a large number of ranges within this group and it will take some time to amass all the images needed to do this section justice. Many of the breakfast sets and the condiment sets were eagerly adopted by the small seaside hotels where many survived 20-30 years in active service, testifying to the durability of the designs.

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