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Hornsea pottery.

Hornsea is associated primarily with small ornaments that have cute little animals attached. These 'Fauna' ranges seem to be everywhere, and most families will have a few pieces between them.

Fauna items were not the only ranges produced by Hornsea, and in fact they were quite a small part of the product list. The company traded in an era of great innovation and their early work was manufactured on low budgets and used low tech methods. This has given these pieces a unique quality that is unmatched by modern hi-tech machinery.

During the half-century of production, the diversity of lines was immense and some were made only in small numbers and as a result, these pieces can be expensive. Variations abound, and items frequently turn up in a colourway previously un-documented. Instead of operating the modern j.i.t (just in time) principles of manufacturing, they prefered the woorsub method. (We're out of red so use blue).

Vases and other similar ornaments for display are greatly sought after as a classic decoration in the modern home and it is becoming difficult to assemble a complete set of many of these ranges without going to a lot of trouble.

As with most other potteries, Hornsea made many commemorative items to celebrate an occaision or event, but these tend to ebb and flow in popularity. The downwave though should be looked on as a good opportunity for a new collector to aquire pieces cheaply.

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